Natural Gas Bitcoin Mining

JAI Energy was formed specifically to mine and provide Bitcoin mining services for applications involving stranded, flared, and poor economic natural gas streams. JAI Energy has its own mining farm located in Wyoming, where it is on pace to be the largest Bitcoin mining farm in the State by August 2021. JAI is also providing solutions for producers, midstream groups, and energy providers to allow them to capture value off their excess energy. JAI is based out of Casper, Wyoming which is also where all manufacturing of its portable mining data centers takes place.



Supply Chain
Established supply chain relationships directly with ASIC manufacturers

All engineering design, fabrication, and installation located in Casper, Wy

Strategic partnerships with USA based companies: mining pools, software, security, etc.

24/7 on-site and remote management/optimization capabilities

Superior Engineering

  • JAI customs build all data centers and mining infrastructure in Casper, WY
  • JAI can build to scale for small flare mitigation projects all the way to full-field gathering systems
  • Applications:
    • Flare mitigation
    • Lack of infrastructure
    • Stranded assets
    • Full-field gathering systems
    • Fields with poor marketing contracts


  • Portable natural gas power generation set on site
  • Hundreds of computer processors are installed in mobile data centers
  • Natural gas is converted to electricity on-site through the generator to power the processors
  • Processing power is used to mine Bitcoin
  • Payment is received in Bitcoin on a per TH/s of processing power input
  • Revenues >$30/mcf when utilizing newest ASIC processors


  • See revenues of over 10x current market price
  • Quickly scale up or down in size
  • Ability to create value off otherwise wasted product
  • Not subject to grid fluctuations or issues
  • Potential ability to sell electricity back into the grid during high demand response
  • Bitcoin acts as a store of value for your produced gas – you can sell produced Bitcoin at a higher price in the future

JAI's Bitcoin Mine in Wyoming

  • 12-acre site located in central Wyoming with the ability to expand
  • JAI has access to over 175 MW worth of natural gas for power generation
  • Site will be utilizing over 6 MW and 143 PH/s by August 2021
  • Using natural gas allows the ability to scale up portable bitcoin mining data centers very quickly
  • Cool Wyoming climate is ideal for operating conditions
  • Friendly State regulatory body that is encouraging bitcoin mining
  • Potential opportunities for capital infusion to grow site, or hosting capabilities